Using CNC for an Entirely Electric Supermoto Motorcycle Build

Recently, Supermoto Magazine – Australia managed to catch up with the mad scientist from Queensland, Australia; who has developed, and built, a truly wicked piece of machinery. With competition rule changes that now allow for electric vehicles in Australian Supermoto racing, and an increasingly greater appetite for ‘green energy’ vehicles, could this be the future of Supermoto in Australia?

SMMA: Who are you, and where are you from?

SC: I’m Sketch Coleman and my day job is a DJ/Producer and one half of Bombs Away. We’re based on the Gold Coast (Australia), and when we’re not on tour, I’m building and crashing overpowered electric vehicles.

SMMA: When did you get into Supermoto?

SC: I’ve always ridden some form of bike or another, usually pretty badly, but getting into supermoto has been awesome. It really combines all the best aspects of various disciplines

SMMA: What was involved in building your contraption?

SC: I had the idea when I built an electric “mountain bike” that ended up being able to do 120kph no worries, I figured I’d see what I can do on a moto frame. Supermoto was a perfect platform for it.

This one has an ongoing  build series on YouTube that goes into painful detail but essentially electric vehicles need 3 main things. A motor to power the bike, a controller to power the motor, and a battery to power the controller.

It was just a matter of finding the ones with the highest power to weight and fitting them into a CRF frame, and in this case, complying with the engineering guidelines for registration, as well as race scrutineering. The next one will be full race, which will save a few kilos.

SMMA: How long did it take to complete?

SC: From start to finish was around 2 years. But I spent a chunk of that in hospital with a punctured lung, and a bunch of broken stuff from a crash on a (petrol) RMZ [haha]. So it could have been done much faster.

SMMA: What are the specifications?

SC: Fully loaded, and on road, it weighs 115KG with a 52/48 weight bias. Capable of around 55Kw/70Hp, with 750Nm torque at the wheel, it can get pretty sketchy. I am still tuning it with some shakedowns ,but for competition I’ll be locked at 45KW as per the new rules in the MoMs [Manual of Motorcyle Sport].

Key Stats:

  • 0-100:      2.4s at 54kw
  • POWER:  Capable of 55kw(73hp) locked to 45kw for track with 750 NM at the wheel
  • WEIGHT: 115KG
  • CONTROLLER: Mobipus 72600 controller running 600 batt, 800 Phase amps
  • BATTERY: 92V Lipo capable of 1200A Peaks from Chris Jones
  • MOTOR: Custom M Force Motor with upgraded magnets
  • SPROCKETS: 530 chain with 66/72T Rear sprocket with either 11,12,13,14T front depending on track
Image Credit: @Kul7ist

SMMA: Will you be entering into the Australian Supermoto Championship (or any other competition), now that the rules have changed?

SC: At the moment the bike far outperforms its owner, so if it was going to compete seriously I’d need someone better in  the seat haha, ill be riding clubman while I’m getting the bike setup right and then either stepping up or getting someone on it.

SMMA: Who do you need to thank?

SC: Quite a few legends came on board and helped make it possible. for getting behind it from day one, Matt Eklom worked with me on the design and machining of the motor mounts. Chris Jones, who is the man behind Voltron EFX Superbike, built the raw battery modules themselves.

Michael Flynn who did the fabrication for the aluminium battery boxes and Ringmaster Images who did the graphics and printing. Big Knobs Sliders, which have stood up to quite a few crashes already and Jay Hyena & Sam Dekok for helping source the electric setup. Kurt Ackfield was the  workshop assistant for the whole build and Daren Crigler was always on hand for advice.

Also, Ronny Showman from Germany for some inspiration with his mad E-FMX, Bobby Stevens (@KUL7IST) for being a solid dude with sick photos. Supernova Lighting for the lighting and Endless Sphere as a great resource for EV (Electric Vehicle) info. Last (but not least) Scotty Mckellar and the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland for putting on the Supermoto of Champions event at Carnell allowing the bike some solid shakedown time while I’ve been getting it ready!

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